Anti Vandal Units Hire

Anti-Vandal Unit Hire

Secure Temporary Anti-Vandal Cabins

Algeco anti-vandal cabins can be delivered to your site ready for immediate use. Where ground space is limited, our vandal-proof buildings can be stacked one on top of the other, with access to the upper floor provided by an external steel staircase.

Security features

Constructed to a highly durable all-steel design, Algeco anti-vandal modular buildings come with:

  •  An integral locking system
  •  Steel window shutters
  •  Doors with anti-jemmy edges

This creates a robust structure that will deter even the most determined of vandals.

Tough outside, comfy inside

We believe that secure shouldn’t mean uncomfortable, so all our anti-vandal portable offices are also fitted with electric heating and lighting, electric power sockets and vinyl floor covering. All anti-vandal cabins can be enhanced and customised by adding a vast range of additional interior and exterior turnkey products.

If your site is not mains-accessible, we can offer generator hire to ensure your anti-vandal modular buildings can run smoothly.

Available Sizes

We offer anti-vandal portable cabins and modular buildings in a range of sizes and internal layouts, from a small anti-vandal cabin for just one person up to multiple anti-vandal units that are linked together to provide workspace for a larger team. 

  •  3 x 2.4m
  •  3.6m x 2.4m
  •  4.8 x 2.4m
  •  6m x 2.4m
  •  7.2m x 2.4m
  •  9.6m x 3m

Get in touch today to find out how Algeco can help with your anti-vandal unit needs.


Anti-Vandal Unit Solutions

We offer anti-vandal units for a variety of purposes and site requirements to ensure that all key site accommodation, portable buildings and modular buildings are safe and secure. 

Site Offices

All site offices are fitted with electric heating and lighting, electric power sockets and vinyl floor covering. These anti-vandal units can be delivered to your site ready for immediate use. Learn more about why you need an anti-vandal site office.

Canteens and Mess Rooms

Algeco’s anti-vandal canteens are provided with a kitchen sink, hot and cold running water and worktop, as well as electricity provision for heating, lighting and plug sockets.

Security Gatehouses

Anti-vandal portable security gatehouses are ideal for controlling the movements of people and vehicles on your site. Our gatehouses occupy a minimal footprint and can be used for a wide variety of applications. 

Secure Storage Containers

Secure, anti-vandal storage container hire from Algeco is a fast, easy and convenient way to boost your on-site storage capacity. With rapid delivery and installation, easy relocation and accessories available, these are perfect site storage solutions.


Anti-Blast Building Hire

Algeco is the market leader in blast-resistant, vandal-proof buildings that are designed for use wherever there’s a risk of explosions, whether accidental or intended. Our range of blast-resistant temporary buildings provides protection that complies with all relevant standards. 

Temporary Solutions

Portable Buildings Solutions

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. We can deliver and install portable buildings anywhere in the UK.

Site Accommodation Solutions

As the market leader in site accommodation hire, we understand the needs and challenges of life on-site and have a wide range of solutions to match.

Temporary Modular Buildings Solutions

Algeco has the UK’s widest range of products specifically designed for temporary use, making us the market leader in temporary modular building hire.

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