• By pursuing operational excellence, we are
    increasing the long-term resilience of our
    business, with policies on electrification and
    renewable energy sources now embedded
    across the business.
    Mark Higson
    Mark Higson
    Group Chief Executive Officer
Sustainable Construction

A better tomorrow for everyone

At Algeco, ESG and Sustainability is integrated into all aspects of our business. We know you care about the impact our buildings have on your people and the planet, both during the construction process and beyond. 

With that, we recognise our duty to leave a positive impact on the people who use our solutions, the environment, and the wider community. To achieve this, we champion our Environmental, Social, Governance and Sustainability (ESGS) strategy goals in all the work that we do.

  • Environmental: We operate on a 'Loops within Loops' circularity model and work on specific targets of an absolute reduction of tCO2e by 2.5% year-on-year, to achieve our Net-Zero goal by 2050.
  • Social: We continually improve our employment practices to ensure our team are safe. Equality, diversity and inclusion is another priority, along with creating social value for communities through our work, our policies and our supply chain.
  • Governance: We aim to strengthen our approach to governance with strong compliance codes regarding ethics, corporate citizenship, data protection, transparency and more, with regular training for employees and close management from the senior leadership team. 
  • Sustainability: We adopt leading frameworks in our operations and reporting, including the UN's Global Compact Principles and Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

To keep up-to-date with our ESGS advancements, you can explore our website, connect with us on LinkedIn, and download our latest ESG & Sustainability report. 

Accreditations and Associations

  • Ecovadis Gold 2023
  • Supply Chain School
Hatchlands Primary School

Developing our business model

Economically, Algeco is developing its business model to deliver financial growth, provide employment and re-invest in future operations. A large part of our business is hiring accommodation solutions to customers, which are returned when no longer required. This form of recycling means a typical portable building can be hired approximately 20 times during its lifecycle - a much more efficient and sustainable method than traditional accommodation solutions.  Download our Modulaire Group Report below.

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