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Permanent modular solutions tailored to your every need

Versatile, precision-made modular buildings

Customised for you

By manufacturing buildings offsite we can achieve exceptionally fine quality tolerances. So, when it comes to assembling the building onsite everything fits: beautifully. Algeco Offsite Solutions structures use a specialist frame construction or volumetric modules, depending on the size of the building and how much you want to customise both the exterior and interior design.

Beautiful buildings made easy

The end-product can look exactly like any kind of traditional building, complete with a wide range of cladding, roofing types, and glazing. Gable, hip, mansard, saltbox, or pyramid roofs are all easily achievable, as are brick-slip, timber or metal cladding. Glazing options include glazed links, corner windows, clerestory windows, glass balustrades, curtain walling and atriums. And the choice of interior designs is practically inexhaustible.

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Consistent quality in every location

Where the same style of building is needed in multiple locations – by franchise operators, for instance – calling off a standard design for delivery anywhere in the UK ensures consistent quality everywhere. It also significantly reduces the time and cost involved in bringing a site into full operation. And if a building were to be damaged during construction, individual modules can be replaced quickly and easily too.

A complete end-to-end service

From initial design to final commissioning, no-one is more experienced than Algeco Offsite in the field of permanent modular buildings created offsite. From modular offices to modular classroomshealthcare facilitiessports hallsretail and restaurants – including fast food drive thrus – we have all the answers to the challenges you face.

Customer Satisfaction – On time, on budget

How good are we? Ask our customers. We ask after every project how well we’ve done. Our results, to put it mildly, are outstanding. In 2021, our overall score was 87 (out of a possible 100) and, for one client – who we work with on a regular basis – our score hit 100.

We’re on hand to make your project easier by getting you the best accommodation solution for your needs. If you’re ready to discuss your modular building solution, please get in touch now.

What we can offer for a range of sectors

JLR Gaydon

Permanent Turnkey Solutions

From initial design through to complete management of the offsite manufacturing process and supply chain, we keep tight control so that decision making, construction, delivery and finishing are as rapid as possible.

JLR Gaydon Permanent Modular Office


Algeco Offsite Solutions builds bespoke, modern modular offices offsite using our innovative modular and hybrid building systems. This means you can have whatever design you want, much faster and with more consistent quality than a traditional build.



We use our innovative offsite modular and hybrid building systems to create architecturally designed, inspirational modular classrooms and learning environments that are visually indistinguishable from traditionally built schools. 

Permanent Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Facilities

Algeco Offsite Solutions is a leading provider of permanent modular healthcare facilities to the NHS. Whether you need new primary care buildings, extensions, modular clinic buildings, or larger specialist modular hospital buildings, we’re here to help.

Modular Commercial Buildings

Retail and Restaurants

Algeco Offsite Solutions is the leading provider of roadside modular shops and drive-thru restaurants in the UK. We work with some of the biggest brands around, providing specialist workplaces and delivering rapid solutions without compromising on quality.

Arundel Sports Hall

Sports Halls

When it comes to the leisure sector, Algeco Offsite Solutions has over half a century of experience in providing new permanent modular sports buildings that are designed to perform.

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