Construction Industry Sustainability

A pathway to Net Zero

Our products and circular economy model have inherent environmental benefits in comparison to traditional building, but we've set ambitious targets to reduce our direct emissions and along our supply chains alongside reducing waste, water consumption, and enhancing biodiversity. 

We aim to reach Net Zero by 2050. However, we are confident that once we have completed the actions outlined in our action plans towards 2025, we will be in a position to bring that target date forward.

Reducing our environmental impact is an ongoing activity and is a key part of our growing sustainability agenda, with many opportunities for further improvement already identified.

Algeco Group Net Zero Plan
Environmental Benefits of Modular Construction

Driving environmental improvements for our customers

By driving circularity and sustainability in our processes, we are also adding innovative functionality and specifications that deliver environmental benefits for our customers. With building operations and construction produce nearly 40% of global energy-related CO2 emissions (World Economic Forum) our solutions can have a significant impact. We consistently upgrade our units with the newest sustainable innovations that reduce impact to air, land, and water.

• Insulation: Improving thermal insulation across our units means that both heating and cooling systems are more efficient and less energy wasted. 

• Lighting: Replacing lighting with LEDs, introducing sensor-activation, and designing units with larger windows for more natural light results in reduced energy requirements and better environments for our customers.

• Renewable energy: Units with PV solar panels on roof and store lectricity in battery pods. Our hybrid generators are powered by batteries and HVO-fuel when the batteries are drained. 

• Smart buildings: Through smart tech building control management system and smart sockets, we help our customers constrol energy usage, optimise heating/cooling/dehumidification, reduce wasted energy, energy consumption, and costs. 

• EV chargers: We offer a nationwide supply and installation service for a full range of EV chargers, available on flexible rental terms.

• Appliances: New appliances are increasing energy efficiency and greatly reducing electricity usage.

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