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Why Modular?

Benefits of Modular Construction

Rapid, flexible & sustainable space solutions

Temporary and permanent modular buildings offer diverse solutions across multiple sectors, providing speed efficient and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction methods. Their versatility, rapid installation, and customisable features make them an attractive choice for various applications. Whether in education, healthcare, offices, retail, construction, social accommodation, or custodial premises, Algeco modular buildings continue to meet evolving needs in a time-efficient and sustainable manner.

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Modular Construction

What is Modular Construction?

Modular construction refers to the process of constructing individual building modules off-site in a controlled factory setting before transporting them to the construction site for installation. These modules are pre-fabricated units that can be assembled together to create complete buildings. Learn more about the process of constructing Modular Buildings. 

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Healthcare Internal Modular Building

Types and Applications of Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are versatile structures that offer numerous benefits in terms of flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Learn more about the different types of modular buildings and explore their applications various sectors, for both temporary and permanent modular buildings.

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McDonalds Modular Building

Benefits of Modular Construction

The popularity of modular construction in the UK is on the rise, mainly due to the numerous advantages it offers over traditional construction methods. Modular buildings are being recognised for their sustainability, improved quality control, and versatility, making them an excellent choice across various sectors. We will delve into the details of the benefits of modular construction, which highlight why many people prefer modular buildings over conventional alternatives.

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Modular Construction Sustainability

Is modular construction more sustainable than traditional building methods? The answer is a resounding yes. Modular construction offers numerous sustainability benefits that go beyond waste reduction and recyclability. Modular buildings, both temporary and permanent, excel in their ability to be repurposed and reused multiple times during their lifespan.

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Fast and Flexible

Modular buildings, including volumetric modular structures, offer the advantage of simultaneous on-site groundwork and foundation completion alongside off-site manufacturing of modules or components. This approach allows for considerably faster project delivery compared to traditional construction methods. Moreover, the flexibility of modular buildings enables easy expansion, reduction, reconfiguration, or relocation to adapt to evolving requirements. Whether it involves adding extra modules or entire floors to accommodate growth or moving entire buildings as part of restructuring plans, modular buildings provide the versatility needed.

Safe & Reliable

Modular buildings, incorporating innovative construction methods, offer numerous advantages. By reducing the number of trades and vehicle movements, they minimize on-site disruptions and enhance safety. The modules are swiftly and securely craned into position, controlled from ground level, and typically completed within days, addressing the critical need for efficiency in construction to prevent falls from height, which accounted for nearly half (49%) of construction industry fatalities in 2019 due to resource-intensive traditional wall and roof construction at elevated levels. Furthermore, modular buildings ensure weather-tightness upon module connection, eliminating the need for wet trades during construction and avoiding weather-related delays and skill shortages commonly experienced in site-based construction. Once the modules are in place, the building is immediately ready for use, facilitating a seamless transition to operational readiness.

Cost-effective & Sustainable

Modular buildings offer various advantages, including faster occupancy and improved financial returns compared to traditional construction methods. These buildings can be designed with materials suited to different budgets, while the availability of procurement options like hiring and leasing enhances affordability by reducing the need for substantial capital investment. Additionally, modular buildings contribute to sustainability by being lightweight and incorporating highly efficient insulation materials, resulting in reduced energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, and decreased heating fuel usage. Manufacturers also prioritize recyclable components, enabling minimal impact on landfill when modular buildings reach the end of their lifecycle, further supporting sustainable practices.

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Choose Modular with Algeco.

Algeco brings a wealth of experience in modular construction, making us a trusted partner for your building needs. Our expertise ensures that your project is handled with precision and efficiency, from initial design to final installation. We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and unique vision. By combining your insights with our industry knowledge, we can deliver a modular building solution that exceeds your expectations.

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Why Choose Modular with Algeco

Experience spanning decades

With over 60 years of experience, Algeco is one of the market leaders in modular building design and construction, providing premium-quality modular buildings for all types of businesses.

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Largest workspace fleet

Algeco has a workspace fleet of over 40,000 – the largest in the UK – which allows us to deliver modular building projects quickly. With this level of resource, we’re better suited to adapt to sudden changes and are more likely to complete projects on time or even ahead of schedule.

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Meeting your needs

The level of flexibility and customisation that modular buildings provide mean you can create a space that is completely tailored to the needs of your organisation. Whether you need something stripped back and simple, or a bespoke space fitted with full turnkey solutions, we’ll work collaboratively with you to deliver a space that meets your needs, timeline and budget.

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Product range

At Algeco, we offer a wide range of modular buildings, including temporary modular buildings, permanent modular buildings, modular buildings to hire and used modular buildings. On top of this, we are able to provide a range of interior and exterior turnkey solutions and other types of building, including site accommodation and portable buildings.  


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Going green 

The nature of modular construction and modular buildings helps us to promote sustainable construction methods, and sustainability is one of our core business values. We’re always finding ways to be more eco-friendly. We also built the UK’s first net-zero carbon restaurant. As a business, we have a Net Zero target for 2050, and have clear action points for how we’re going to get there. 


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Social responsibility 

We frequently work with public sector institutions, including schools, healthcare facilities and social housing, to provide modular building solutions that benefit the communities they serve. Being able to providing a positive social benefit is something we hold in strong regard, and we have the experience to deliver cost-effective, functional and inspiring spaces. 

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