Form Follows Function – How to Design for Offsite Construction

Learning and curiosity are essential components for personal and career development. Requirements for industry professionals evolve in the same way that products do in our dynamic built environment.  Professional Continuous Development (CPD) helps those in the construction supply chain stay up to date, and remain competent, professional and capable, whilst onboarding new skills and specialisms. It’s good practice for all and mandatory for some Architect and Chartered Surveyor industry bodies.

Modular and Offsite Construction has been around for over 60 years, but is still not mainstream, so understanding, knowledge and advocacy of it varies. At Algeco, we’re keen to help industry colleagues learn more about it, and explode the odd myth along the way!

‘Form Follows Function – How to Design for Offsite Construction’ - is our CPD presentation, certified by the CPD Certification Service. It uses a Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) overlay to the conventional Plan of Work to highlight the differences between Offsite and Traditional Construction and the benefits that they create. Case studies from leading Architects illustrate where Offsite Construction has been used successfully and a Q&A section tackles the questions we get asked most regularly, to help share the knowledge.


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