Modulaire Loops

Circularity Business Model for Sustainable Futures

We work to maximise the life cycle of our units, reducing waste, energy and costs and to help our customers meet their ESG & Sustainability obligations.

'Loops within Loops' is our sustainable circular business model. It simply means we produce/provide modular units that can stay in service longer, going round and round again. This reduces the use of virgin materials, minimising resources and waste. 

A large part of our business is hiring accommodation solutions to customers, which are returned when no longer required. This form of refurbishing and reusing means a typical portable building can be hired, on average, up to 20 times or more during its lifecycle - a much more efficient and sustainable method than traditional accommodation solutions. 

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Through our services, projects, and client portfolio, we have integrated sustainability and ESG factors into our vision, purpose, and everyday business.


By minimising resource consumption, and operating in as many ‘circular loops’ as possible, our modular solutions are less intensive than traditional construction, with a lower carbon footprint.


By being fully reusable, flexible, reconfigurable, and recyclable, our units can adapt to changing demands and shifting demographics to meet climate adaptation and climate change demands.


By leasing assets, they remain under our control for their full lifecycle. We can therefore innovatively manage environmental issues, such as recycling and waste, to minimise environment and social impacts.

Aligning with Global Frameworks

We act on six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that complement our business purpose, vision and operations. They are SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production); SDG 9 (Industry Innovation and Infrastructure); SDG 13 (Climate Action); SDG 4 (Quality Education); SDG 5 (Gender Equality) and SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities). These goals have been integrated into our everyday activities through our services, projects and customer portfolio. 

Under our parent company - Modulaire Group, we became signatories to the UNGC in April 2021 and are currently updating policies and practices to reflect their ten Principles. Modulaire Group also became signatories to TCFD in May 2021 and based our roadmap to Net Zero on the recommendations of the TCFD report. 

Modular Building Carbon Emissions

Minimise embodied carbon
c.73% less carbon emissions vs traditional construction*

*Covers stages of sourcing, manufacturing and transporting to site.

Modular Building Efficiency

Conserve resources, increase efficiency and source sustainably
Units can be reused up to 20x during their life cycle

Modular Building Waste

Design to eliminate waste and for ease of maintenance and reuse
Units are up to 96% recyclable

Modular Building Waste and Sustainability

Manage any waste sustainably and at the highest practicable point of the waste hierarchy
Up to 50% reduction in waste compared to on-site construction