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Temporary Classrooms and Nurseries

Modular classrooms and nurseries for better learning

Our temporary classrooms and nurseries create high-quality, comfortable and inspiring learning environments that enable students of all ages to thrive. The versatility in design, size and style of modular buildings can enhance academic success, and we work closely with clients to create spaces that prioritise student wellbeing and learning. Modular classrooms are also particularly beneficial for relieving the pressure of growing student numbers, whether you need a short-, medium- or long-term accommodation solution.

A rapid solution to changing needs

With the secondary school population forecast by the Government to increase by an extra 207,000 pupils by 2026*, the pressure on space is clear. Algeco has fast, simple and affordable modular building solutions based on our experience of supplying thousands of modular classrooms across the UK. From a single temporary modular classroom to a portable classroom block or even a whole school, we’re here to help.

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*Source: July 2020 

Temporary Classroom Solutions

Climate Control Products Hire

Climate Control Products Hire

Climate control systems are the contemporary go-to standard for providing sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable temperatures compared to convection heaters fitted with timers and thermostats. As well as providing a more consistent internal environment and year-round comfort, climate control for modular buildings is very cost-effective, too.

Furniture Packages for Hire

Furniture Package Hire

Our furniture package deals are part of our 360° interior hire solutions and include modular office furniture, modular canteen furniture and other items designed to kit out your hire building fully. So, thanks to our comprehensive range of furniture hire packages, your temporary building can come completely furnished and ready for you to start using it immediately.

External Temporary Staircase

Steps, Staircase and Ramp Hire

Providing safe and easy access for all, Algeco steps, staircases and ramps are designed for fast installation with our portable and modular buildings. Each temporary staircase features non-slip durbar treads and contrasting yellow nosings for safety, and are compliant with all relevant regulations. 

Fire Safety Equipment Hire

Fire Safety Equipment Hire

As part of your fire safety strategy, you need to make sure that you have the correct number and type of fire safety equipment to meet the requirements of your fire safety risk assessment. As fire safety equipment suppliers, our range of fire extinguishers and fire equipment hire helps you ensure you’re fully protected. You can also be certain that all equipment is fully inspected and ready for use.

Washroom Consumables Hire

Washroom Consumables Hire

Washing facilities, including portable toilets and showers, need to be supplied with personal hygiene products that are consumed in regular use. As well as meeting regulatory requirements, Algeco’s washroom and hygiene services ensure that supplies are good quality and effective. 

Temporary Kitchen Hire

Temporary Kitchens and Commercial Catering Equipment Hire

Using the latest design and technology, our commercial kitchen equipment and catering units offer you maximum versatility. Simply talk to us about how you want to use your kitchen, and we’ll configure the perfect hire solution, including all the kitchen service equipment you need. 

Algeco Education modular classrooms

Who choose Algeco modular classrooms?

  • Complete flexibility - Our learning accommodation can be tailored to your needs, including flexible hire contract terms to spread the costs.

  • Versatile configurations – Modular and portable classrooms are available in a whole range of configurations, offering light and airy teaching spaces, with modules stackable up to four storeys high. If your needs change over time, it’s easy to add or remove units or to reconfigure your space.

  • Compliant - All of our temporary classrooms are fully compliant with building regulations and Department of Education specifications. With decades of experience, our expert team will help you understand the regulations and specifications you need to follow.

  • 360° turnkey features – Algeco can deliver fully operational portable classrooms and educational spaces with our turnkey solutions. From functional furniture hire and access ramps to sustainable climate control products, including aircon, we can take care of everything you need for your temporary classroom so it’s ready to use immediately.

  • Safety features – The safety of your students is paramount, so we can equip your building with a range of safety features for students including finger guards for doors, heaters with a low surface temperature, CCTV, controlled access, taps with blending valves and more.

  • For all age groups - Algeco’s education solutions include portable nursery buildings and crèches for pre-school age groups. Our portable nursery buildings are configured to meet the spatial needs of the seven areas of learning and development for young children, so there’s no need to compromise on the learning environment, even if it’s temporary.

  • For all types of learning – Your temporary classroom is completely bespoke to your needs, and this includes the type of learning space required. Algeco can supply classrooms to accommodate the unique needs of specific subjects, such as drama, music, science or ICT. 

  • Minimal disruption to learning – With off-site construction and swift delivery and installation, your students and teachers will face minimal disruption to education. Expect fewer delivery vehicles, fewer vehicle movements and a quieter, safer installation process compared with traditional construction methods.

Approved supplier of education frameworks

We’re an approved supplier to the Department for Education MMC1 Offsite Schools Framework, Fusion 21, MOD A (Primary Schools) and MOD C (Secondary Schools) frameworks. You can hire our temporary classrooms and nurseries for as long as you need them, so they’re ideal for managing peaks in pupil numbers or as a stop-gap while new facilities are constructed. And when you’ve finished with your portable classrooms, we’ll simply take them away. 

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