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Algeco inspires positive impact through new Social Enterprises service

Algeco, Europe’s leading modular and offsite building solutions brand, has announced that it now offers a range of  value added products sourced from Social Enterprises, to help customers increase their Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Social Enterprises are businesses that reinvest most of their profits into social or environmental initiatives and projects.  They often employ people who face barriers to finding work elsewhere, so benefit local communities in multiple ways.

Many organisations want to work with Social Enterprises, but lack the infrastructure or expertise to build relevant partnerships and networks and operate them on a national and regional basis. Algeco has completed this exercise and engaged with Social Enterprises offering flooring, drinking water, branding for buildings  and period products. It will arrange the supply and delivery of these products with its buildings - making realising the benefits of working with Social Enterprises in these categories easy for its customers.  

Every social enterprises-sourced product from Algeco will generate a Social Return on Investment report via the supplier, providing the audit trail organisations need to demonstrate social value. The range of social enterprise products offered by Algeco have the same specifications - or better – as non-social enterprise equivalents; but obviously deliver better value for society.

The flooring social enterprise working with Algeco operates a zero waste management service that redirects discarded carpet tiles, grades them and supplies them to community organisations, businesses and other users across the UK.

Alongside this are period products from Hey Girls that are organic, biodegradable and vegan-friendly. For every period product bought, another is donated to one of 200 UK partners working to eradicate period poverty.

Signage for branding Algeco buildings externally and internally is sourced from a social enterprise that provides job opportunities for vulnerable people. Currently, more than 75% of the enterprise's workforce has a disability or a health condition.

In terms of water dispensers, 8% of the price is donated towards providing communities in India and Nepal with safe drinking water and sanitation. Customers buying these Social Value products from Algeco will be raising money to bring safe water to communities in India and Nepal. Just £12 is enough to ensure safe water for life for one person. They also helps to educate schools and the wider public about a more sustainable approach to water.

Details of the Social Enterprise offerings can be found on the Algeco website and downloadable interactive digital literature, which like all Algeco literature, further enhances sustainability by not printing paper copies.  

Giang Tran, ESG & Sustainability Manager at Algeco, said: “Many of our customers have mapped out their route to achieving enhanced social value. This creates a number of challenges and to meet these targets often requires them to evolve their business model and find new supportive partnerships.

That can take time and resource, which is why we have introduced a range of social enterprise products. We are confident that customers will use this opportunity as a catalyst to drive value creation. When corporations and social enterprises work together, they can change the world!”

To discover how the new Algeco Social Enterprises service can support your organisation’s journey to positive social value, visit:

Alternatively, call the Algeco customer care team on 0808 108 2222.

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