Modular 2 Storey Office Accommodation for Accio

Accio Consult and Construct for a Leading Online Retailer

The Challenge

The leading online retailer needed to extend its UK-wide network of logistics ‘hubs’, to improve its operational efficiency and customer service. As an approved Main Contractor for the retailer, Accio Consult & Construct was appointed to design and build a completely new facility in Scotland, comprising of a warehouse, two-storey office block, security gatehouse and ancillary services.

Accio was familiar with Algeco and our product range, so approached us to design and install the two-storey office block, which needed to be specified, procured, manufactured, installed and handed over within six months.

Our Solution

Quality was a key client consideration for the staff working in the building, to provide a motivational working environment. The Algeco Progress range fitted the brief perfectly. An 18-module building was created, with training room, meeting and conference rooms, large break room, locker rooms with shower facilities, new mothers’ room and even a contemplation room. The specification included a lift, access control, fire alarm, ramps and steps for health and safety and carpets, window blinds and full climate control with separate ventilation system to optimise staff comfort.

The office block was located very close to the warehouse, so staff could walk between the two buildings using a short link. The warehouse was being constructed concurrently with the office block, so the Algeco team needed to work very precisely and carefully to locate the office building exactly, without compromising the warehouse construction.

The office block installation and internal fit-out ran smoothly and was completed on time and on budget, enabling Accio to focus on the other areas of the project. Client feedback has been positive, with staff pleased with their new environment!


“We worked extremely closely with Accio to achieve what the client wanted. Once on-site, we needed to work well together because of the close proximity and the restrictions this causes. We’re very pleased with the result. The client is also happy, which is what matters.”
Graham Stevenson, Construction Manager, Algeco
“This was a greenfield project, so we needed to deliver everything on-site, literally from the ground up. Working with Elliott gave us reassurance that the office block would be completed without giving us headaches. In short, the Elliott team delivered.”
Stephen Casey, CEO at Accio Consult & Construct

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