EV Car Charging

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EV Charging

What do our ev car chargers offer?

Our mobile car charging units offer an increased anti-jamming capacity and creative protection from hits or knocks – if the unit is inclined at an angle of 30° or more, it will cut off its power and report the failure to the OS. Additionally, the control circuit and power circuit are completely isolated. 

When powering your mobile EV charging stations from a generator, Algeco can supply additional battery packs to ensure a stable connection in case the electricity supply should momentarily falter. 

Each charger comes with the Monta EV charger and payment software pre-installed, granting you access to a host of features including real-time searching, charger availability, slot reservations and remote diagnostics. You can also set up teams (such as employers or contractors) and toggle between public or private mode, meaning you can open up the charging points not in need for certain days or hours in order to generate revenue.  

Algeco EV Charger

Main Features

  • Available in 22kW Single Stand, 22kW Double Stand & 2 x 22kW Pedestal Units
  • Stable & secure
  • Robust & reliable
  • Intelligent
  • Convenient
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