Modular Buildings

Benefits of Modular Buildings

The Benefits of Modular Building

There are a lot of benefits to be gained for using modular building. Here are just a few of the top reasons people choose modular over traditional construction options.


Groundworks and foundations can be completed on-site while modules or components are manufactured off-site. This means projects can be delivered significantly faster than traditional construction methods.  

More Flexible

Modular buildings can be easily expanded, reduced, reconfigured or relocated to meet changing needs. Additional modules or whole floors can be added at a later date to accommodate growing needs or whole buildings moved as part of re-structuring plans.   


Fewer trades people and vehicle movements on site means less disruption and increased safety.  Modules are craned into position quickly and safely - controlled from ground level - and usually completed in a matter of days. Nearly half (49%) of construction industry fatalities in 2019 were due to falls from height on-site, mainly because - with traditional wall and roof construction methods - more people and resources are needed the higher you build.  

More Reliable

Modular buildings are made weather-tight when they are connected and don’t require any wet trades to be deployed as part of their construction. This means they are not subject to the same weather-related delays or skill shortages as site-based construction. Once the modules are in place, the building can be ready to go.

Less Waste

Factory production, with its associated process engineering and quality control procedures, uses materials more efficiently than on-site. It reduces other site-related issues too – such as weather damage, storage and theft. In addition, stock control is more predictable and manageable, resulting in less waste.   

Less Disruption

With modular construction about 80% of project activity is completed away from the site. So, there’s far less noise, pollution, and mess to be endured by neighbours and the local community. On sites where some buildings are already operational, you can keep your businesses, school, hospital or other activity running with less disruption too.      


Offsite construction manufacturers can operate as Main Contractors, which means they control all aspects of a project – from planning and design to production and installation. This simplifies the traditional supply-chain, where different consultants and contractors are responsible for planning, design, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fenestration, roofing and other stages. One point of contact and responsibility for everything makes your life easier.  

Cost Effective

Because you can get into the building quicker, you get a faster return on investment than with traditional construction methods – regardless of how big or small the budget may be. What’s more, the procurement options available, especially hiring and leasing, remove the need for large amounts capital expenditure and enhance the building’s affordability.     


Modular buildings are lightweight structures, so the environmental impact of transporting them can be lower than many traditional methods. When combined with highly efficient insulation materials, this means they use less energy in-use than traditional buildings, produce lower CO2 emissions and consume less heating fuel.  You can also specify recyclable components, so when a building eventually reaches its end-of-life, it can be recycled with minimal impact on landfill.   

Modular Buildings Solutions

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