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Heavy Duty Anti Climb Fencing

What do our fences offer?

Fencing is essential for a busy working construction site, and with our Mobile Mini Plus range, we can offer you the perfect fencing solution best suited to your project.

The easy-to-install and highly effective fencing restricts access to the site, preventing any unwanted visitors and in turn reducing theft and vandalism on your site. To make the site as accessible as possible for those working in the segregated area, we offer lockable gated entrances where possible.

Construction sites often present the risk of sharp and falling objects, the danger of falling into pits, and the risk of getting injured by equipment. Fencing provides the perfect solution to segregate these dangerous areas.

Properly fencing your construction site will also shield members of the public from harm in case they wander unknowingly to your site.

Crowd Control fencing at Krishna Speaks

Main Features

  • Lightweight galvanised mesh panel site fencing
  • 2 meters in height
  • Anti-climb
  • Easy to install and highly effective
  • Come with lockable gated entrances where required
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